Plant selection

We hope our web site with its extensive catalogue section will help you find and select plants suited to your garden or grounds especially those plants you have found difficult to source elsewhere. We have published this catalogue in PDF and Excel format so that you can choose the format that suits you best. When browsing the catalogue the plants that are grown and propogated at East Northdown Plant Nursery have the RHS location code SEND. However plants can be collected from both location if sufficient notice is given. Please visit our blog for news of upcoming events and useful fact sheets.

Beautiful, healthy plants in a nursery setting

Our plant catalogue is listed alphabetically , offering over 3000 different lines. Plants are categorised into the sections below. Each species/variety is primarily stocked either at our South – East NorthDown nurseries – RHS code SEND , or our Midlands – Mucklestone nursery – RHS code MMuc. Those familiar with Excel are recommended to use this database, as it is quicker and easier to use. PDFs are available of the whole list , or of individual categories of plants. E-mail us with your ‘wish list’ . Because of our exceedingly broad range, we stock only limited no.s of each cultivar, so we recommend requesting 2-3 of each sort. If we are sold out of certain items , we can normally propagate or source more by later in the season. Others take longer, and cannot be sourced elsewhere. If you are a gardening novice, but know the ‘look’ you wish to achieve , we will choose plants from our range to meet your needs and specified budget. We can normally offer to plant the plants at little extra cost. We have been offering this service for many years, and is very popular amongst our customers, friends and neighbours in Kent, especially older customers , who do not have the ‘muscle’ to carry out their own planting any more.

Trees – We grow an exceptional range of tree species and varieties -fruit trees of all kinds, ornamental crab apples ,flowering cherries , conifer species, rowan, and birch , – grafted , budded and from seed. These are available year round,, mostly in 10ltr pots.

Shrubs – enormous range of different shrubs grown in 3, 5 or 10 litre pots. This section includes roses, low growing conifers, phormiums and cordylines. Smaller growing, ground covering, shrubs are grown in 1 & 2 litre pots.

Perennials – this section includes herbaceous perennials and marginal plants that die down in the winter months(MMuc), as well as non woody evergreen plants(Knipophia, agapanthus, SEND), ferns (MMuc) and drought tolerant bulbous plants that die down in the summer months(SEND). These are grown in 9cm, 1 litre or 2 litre pots.

Small perennials – these are low growing “alpine” plants growing less than 6 inches high. This section includes plants such as Thymes, House Leeks(MMUC) etc. Suited to the front of beds, borders, pots and troughs. Normally sold in 9cm pots.

Conservatory plants – we grow a wide range of plants suited to a conservatory or cold greenhouse, needing protection from frost and winter wet (SEND). These can be put out in the summer months in the ground or pots but are not generally suited to growing outside, except by the more adventurous in mild areas. This section includes agaves, aloes, palms, bananas and yuccas.

Grasses and bamboos – We have a very large range of bamboos typically grown in 10 litre pots, Miscanthus, Sedges, Rushes and Grasses for both dry(SEND) and damp soils (MMuc).

Climbers – We have a full range of climbers such as honeysuckles, clematis species, wisteria, vines and creepers.

Annuals – This section includes summer and winter bedding in 6 packs, then vegetable plugs and transplants, fuchsias, geraniums, patio / hanging basket plants

Fruit Plants – a wide range of trees such as apple, pear, plum etc. Bushes and canes such as currants, raspberries and gooseberry. Also includes rhubarb, strawberries etc.

Fruit plants including apple, pear, plum, strawberries

Updated plant lists:

Our plant list is continuously being updated. We aim to download our updated list each spring to show our latest available range. These lists were updated in July 2014. We hope that you will find our extensive range useful in sourcing your plants.

Please Note: All of our plant lists have been scanned for viruses before uploading to our site so you can be sure they are virus free

full lists

Full list (Excel): Full list in all categories in Microsoft Excel (XLS) format
Full list (PDF): Full list in all categories in Adobe PDF format

organised by category

Annuals and tender bedding/patio plants: Includes patio plants, vegetable plugs and annuals.
Bamboos: Our extensive collection of bamboo
Biennials: A collection of short lived plants that overwinter and flower in their second year, self seeding when happy.
Bulbs: Sold ‘in the green’ as potted plants in the spring and early summer.
Climbers: Hardy Climbing plants also see roses
Fruit: Includes fruit trees, bushes and other plants
Grasses: Includes Reeds, and pampass, see also bamboos above
House Plants: This section includes many half hardy plants for the house, conservervatory , or sheltered position
Perennials: See also rock plants, bulbs and water plants
Alpines/Rock Plants: Low growing perennials and dwarf shrubs, suited to the front of borders..
Roses: A wide range of roses , especially easy to care for shrub roses and ramblers, mostly grown on their own roots.
Shrubs: A very wide choice of shrubs
Trees and Conifers: