East Northdown Farm Plant Nurseries in Margate Kent

East Northdown Farm, in Margate, Kent is our home nursery in the the North East corner of Kent, plants are propagated from stock plants in the gardens that have been proven to suit the local chalk soil, low rainfall and drying winds, including many tender ‘sea-side’ plants. A full range of bedding, veg plants and ‘old fashioned’ conservatory plants are also grown. These plants are listed in our online catalogue with RHS nursery location code SEND (South East NorthDown).
Will working in the plant nursery at East Northdown Farm

East Northdown Farm Plant Nursery & Gardens is the largest Independent Plant Nursery and Garden Centre in the East Kent area. It is a plantsman’s paradise selling one of the most comprehensive range of plants in East Kent, where possible propagated from proven stock in the gardens. William and Louise are normally on hand to answer any questions and give help and advice. We are able to help by offering free advisory visits to your garden to identify what plants you already have and how to tackle any specific problems. Whilst we do not carry out ‘hard landscaping’ we are able to select, lay out and plant up the spaces in your garden, once prepared, at little or no additional cost other than that of the plants used, to give the effect you want, with plants suited to your conditions.

As well as coastal and chalk loving plants we are able to offer pond, meadow and ericaceous plants from our sister nursery in the Midlands, for those who have the right conditions to grow these, as well as our own Christmas trees, and field growntrees in season. Between the two sites we are able to offer a uniquely comprehensive range of garden plants for growing conditions across the country. These are listed on our on line catalogue at www.botanyplants.co.uk


The Gardens

Louise and Will at East Northdown Nursery

We have extensive plantings around the carpark, road frontage and business park as well as the farmhouse gardens. Plants are chosen to cope
with local chalky and coastal conditions and include many rare or unusual slightly tender ‘Mediterranean’ plants.

Visitors can explore the gardens at anytime, at no charge.

William gives gardening talks to local clubs and societies and also guided walks through the gardens on set days in the summer. These are also arranged for schools and clubs for summer outings by appointment. At other times notes on what is flowering in the garden are available, and staff are always available to answer questions

While most customers live locally or come from nearby coastal towns we also get to see lots of holidaymakers, too, who are staying in the nearby towns or visiting relatives in the area.

We are always happy to see any visitors and you can be sure of a warm welcome when visiting the nursery.

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Finding East Northdown Farm Nursery

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